Nobody Likes the Word Budget: How to Shift Towards Creating an Empowering Spending and  Saving Plan

The other day, my 13-year-old son Cache approached me and expressed his interest in learning  about budgeting, making me reflect on my dislike for the term “budget.” Every time I hear it, I  can’t help but associate it with sacrificing things I enjoy or missing out on experiences. It’s like  going on a restrictive diet, which is why many people procrastinate in creating a budget. While  it’s essential to avoid uncontrolled spending, similar to avoiding unhealthy eating habits, it’s  

possible to change our negative associations with the word “budget.”  

Instead of focusing on what we can’t have, we can shift our mindset to a spending and savings  plan that empowers us. We can create a plan aligning with our needs, wants, and aspirations by  setting specific goals and modifying our expenses to meet those goals. We can eliminate  unnecessary costs that don’t contribute to our overall well-being or life goals. Ask yourself who  you want to be and how you want to live, then align your finances. Balancing your present 

desires with your future plans is much more fulfilling than feeling restricted by a budget. We can  chart the direction of our lives and create a spending and savings plan that leads us toward our  goals. Once you are spending and saving appropriately, you will feel liberated.